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first family?

After the years and years and years and years – a LOT of effing years – of pure love Blog and I have devoted to the Brady family, we are shocked – HEARTBROKEN – by this deflated ball business.  If they love a soft football, why didn’t they use one to prevent an accident like the one that will forever… Read more →

understood, spock

As I look back at my autobiography I Am Not A Dork, I understand, Mr. Nimoy: Los Angeles – In 1975, Leonard Nimoy published an autobiography with the degiant title, “I Am Not Spock.” Two decades later, he bowed to fate with “I Am Spock,” a revisionist sequel. – The Journal News Read more →


My favorite Celestes: 1.  Babar’s wife 2.  One of the biggest prizes in the modern art word.  Check out the finalists.  Blog and I, we love the second and third entries. Read more →


Ran into the next room to turn off the television cause I’m leaving.  I mean I’m only going to be gone for a minute, thieves.  Everyone knows I turn off the television if I’m gone even for one minute.  Otherwise, it’s on.  (Don’t tell the thieves, Blog, but I’ll be gone for a good 2 hours.  I only turn off… Read more →

an all-american blowout: nancy makes it happen

Thank you, Nancy, for auctioning off your family’s kick-ass collection of stuff!  Blog, I’ll give you a few hours to sort through all this before announcing the auction to others.  (I’m not really giving Blog a few extra hours to sort through all this before announcing the auction to others, because you, readers, are said others.  You’re welcome.) BUY SOMETHING… Read more →

happy birthday, blog

Happy Birthday, Blog.  Yes, I mean, it’s been a year, and you were born and we are together so it’s a happy, happy day.  A day for you, your 820 followers and 100,631 visitors.  A happy birthday. I looked far and I looked wide, Blog, for a card – anything, Blog, that could say for me what I couldn’t say… Read more →

ask my t.v.

My t.v. tells me of a new sleeping pill.  My t.v. tells me everything. Anyways, Blog, I only want to warn our friends about the side effect T.V. tells me about this sleeping pill.  Apparently, Blog, if a person takes the largest recommended dose of said sleeping medication one evening, he or she could face something rough the following morning:… Read more →

six million dollars

Are you watching the Six Million Dollar Man, Blog?  I am.  I’m scared for him, Blog.  He has a KGB officer on his tail.  She’s blonde and about 18, but apparently quite dangerous.  I can only hope he’s okay.  Wait.  He has a walkie talkie.  Never mind, he’s good. Read more →


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