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buy this for me

Alex Prager Alexandra, 2007 Chromogenic print Edition of 5 plus 2 APs 48 x 62.5 in. Est. 22,000–26,000 USD Source:  artnet Read more →


Blog and I are in love with David Hockney.  Cmon and do this: 1 – Check out a guy who understands visual stuff and has the smarts to discuss it.  A documentary I purchased and watch over and over: 2 – Read this book.  Hockney took much time from his studio to uncover some tricks used by our belived masters of… Read more →

true story

What’s so great about Fargo?  How about the fact that there is nothing true in the story behind it? Yes, Blog and I may be two of the folks who misunderstood the “This is a true story…” line in the beginning of the thing.  We love this movie even more now; it gives us yet another reason for the Cohen brothers’ prominent spot on… Read more →


Sure, Husband and I hit the clubs.  Four p.m. and we are so, you know, out there and clubbing and things.  Was pining for some steak, a martini, good bread and a salad today, hoping it all might just arrive in a sweet 40s setting of dark and cozy.  I mean I wasn’t really seeking it, but I found it.… Read more →


A girl can do whatever she pleases in this, my hometown – write to her Blog, hang on the settee, even buy a sweet locally hand made lamp at Sarah’s House.  And I did all three.  In one day.   Read more →

weekend joy

Not it so fast, Blog.  I will not be missing the Chicago “Multiples” show after all.   They are going to showcase Dearest Stuff in a little shop section of the show, despite the fact that I am not able to be attend.   Check it out.   Saturday and Sunday at the Pulaski Fieldhouse.  Some new 4×4-inch pieces I’m… Read more →


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