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summer tote

Blog, after eight months of searching, I finally found my Fashion Soft Lightweight Nylon 15.6″ Inch Padded Compartment Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Cover Handbag Crossbody Hybrid Bag Hobo Bag Traveling Bag for 12″ 13″ 14″ 15″ Laptop Notebook Tablet Ultrabook Chromebook PC!  Thank you, Amazon. MY BAG Read more →

faces, everyone

On Botox: Go your own way, girl.  But consider taking it easy on the fillers, or whatever.  It’s just your face –  I mean, it looks big.  It looks great and everything, it’s just that, like, it’s large.  You know like it’s you, but a bowling ball version.  I like bowling balls, but I mean Read more →

2 things

1.  Thinking hard about creating the perfect pet.  In my mind, I mean.   Just thinking about it should be enough.  Going for a bunny but it would be able to jump onto my lap and laugh and would be nearly perfectly round. 2.  How long can you keep your eyes closed, Blog ?  I have had mine closed for the… Read more →


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