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jenny and more

If anyone has a product, artist, photographer, person who works on old houses or provides resources for them, etc., that he/she would recommend to our creative readers, I would gladly add your source(s) to my links.  Especially if that artist or supplier is you!  Should Blog find it appropriate, of course.  Just say so, and we’ll check it out. Ideas may… Read more →


One of many reasons I love a Victorian home is that back in its day, folks weren’t afraid of a pattern.  I worked for and love IKEA, enjoy some West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Target, etc…  I enjoy a contemporary home, Mid-century decor, and a great wall color. But what about an old papered wall celebrating some florals?  I’m finding… Read more →

see the light

It’s 57 degrees in this old home of ours.  I unplug my phone charger when not in use.  Proof positive that I try to keep expenses down at the homestead. So don’t hate me, Blog, but I don’t use many energy efficient bulbs.  It just ain’t right.  A little chandelier from 1900 or so don’t love a set of cold,… Read more →

the view

I am always thankful, Blog.  For all I have, for what this life has to offer.  Yes, always taking advantage of every moment.  Let’s see here…  Today, I saw all kinds of stuff.  Channels 123, 145, 09, 324, 120, 74, some stuff I recorded…  My land, I don’t even remember it all. Off to bed, Blog.  I can see this… Read more →

the 90s

Loved the 90s?  Me too, man.  Especially the music.  Husband and I, we gather ’round the piano every Tuesday to play and sing.  Around the holidays, well, we slip back a decade or so to reminisce about the fabulous times we’ve shared.  Tonight, the 90s.  I have here the greatest sheet music of all the hits.  Where to begin… Let’s… Read more →

thank you for not being jackasses

I am thankful, Blog.  Not that I need to be, because we’re past Thanksgiving.  I just am.  Husband and I hosted 22 for Thanksgiving last evening.  Only 3 jackass comments were made in my presence, and one came from a 4-year-old.  Makes that two, I think.  I am so proud of both our families, including me.  Thanks to us all… Read more →

early thanksgiving

Thank you, Jesus, for sending an army packing leaf-blowers to my home in time for my guests tomorrow.  Five men have been here for about 5 hours.  No, this is not a joke.  This is the truth, Jesus.  I am thankful for that. And no, I am not violating the new legislation I just passed.  I am only anti-leaf blower… Read more →

open door

Proud of my city, Blog.  Folks here have admired our historic districts for many years, but now some people actually want to occupy them!  Thanks to our city manager, a prominent architect, interior design specialists, city historians, and others.  Our door is open; c’mon in. Read more →

the life of a wife

Blog, you know I am the world’s most disappointing wife.  And he thought I had such promise.  But today, a new day.  So I scored this bread machine… Don’t let the exorbitant garage sale price fool you.  I gots it fo free.  Let’s just say I know people.  So when I saw the machine’s possibilities left from the previous owner, I… Read more →


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