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those frogs

Blog, we have frogs.  We hear them nightly from the direction of our water feature, as they call it.  (“They” being, you know, they.) When we find those frogs we will play with those frogs, talk to those frogs and sing with those frogs. Read more →

an all-american blowout: nancy makes it happen

Thank you, Nancy, for auctioning off your family’s kick-ass collection of stuff!  Blog, I’ll give you a few hours to sort through all this before announcing the auction to others.  (I’m not really giving Blog a few extra hours to sort through all this before announcing the auction to others, because you, readers, are said others.  You’re welcome.) BUY SOMETHING… Read more →

happy birthday, blog

Happy Birthday, Blog.  Yes, I mean, it’s been a year, and you were born and we are together so it’s a happy, happy day.  A day for you, your 820 followers and 100,631 visitors.  A happy birthday. I looked far and I looked wide, Blog, for a card – anything, Blog, that could say for me what I couldn’t say… Read more →

make yourself useful

Have some pics of my home on this site somewhere.  Prob in my “This Old House” section.  Just a guess.  Reformatted you too many times, Blog. So I need to give up every effing dime Husband and I have ever had cause I got stuck being the good one by giving up my sanity to take care of this ridiculous family… Read more →

picture it

My family’s motto, as established by my great, great grandfather, is and always will be, Take a ton of pictures. Why, we must have 100 pictures chronicling these past three generations or so.  The family shoebox sure is filling up.  Just when I feel empty inside, I catch a glimpse of this, for example: Back to the box you go,… Read more →


Finished a new site, Blog.  This one is for my neighborhood.  Although not our readers’ neighborhood, maybe they’ll find it mildly interesting.  Maybe they’ll take a quick look.  I mean, I worked kind of hard on it. Read more →


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