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Guessing you haven’t thought of this, Blog.  I mean I’m not being cruel, but this isn’t you know, you-like.  It’s from Husband, Blog.  He sure comes up with the darnedest ideas.  The darnedest.  Darn. So how bout this for a lunch option: A ham sandwich salad.  Not a ham sandwich, Blog.  Not a ham salad sandwich.  Not a salad with… Read more →


I am a true cracka.  Whitey.  Honkey.  Producer of white noise. Most Recent Evidence:  I PURCHASED AND IMMEDIATELY WORE A SHIRT FROM CRACKER BARREL.    I went on a last-minute, two-day whirlwind tour of the Big Easy – New Orleans itself.  Yea, so there’s cool Victorian architecture as far as you can go, Bourbon Street, jazz, a rich set of… Read more →

but it’s just beer

Dined at a great restaurant in Oxford, Ohio – home of Miami University, where Husband and all us guys in the fam got educated – called Quarter Barrel. Great food, beer, cheer.  Just $200 for four people.  Talk about your great deals, I mean, back in college, the good ole days, the livin on a shoestring – Wait a second… Read more →


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