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Why are cakewalks abused as symbols of all that is easy?  Blog, I have walked for cakes.  If you think I crashed those grade school carnivals for the rides, you’re not that great of a blog.  You n me know better. Yea so I have walked the walks, but NEVER won a cake. Read more →

our future

It’s a bittersweet announcement, Blog: A magazine for teen peanut butter lovers has finally hit the stands. Yes, that’s sweet alright. But what about those of us who didn’t have such a luxury as teens?  Cell phones, splash parks, and now THIS? After considerable reflection, I conclude: I care about most, Blog, about our future.  And our teens are just… Read more →

make this happen

Dear Blog:   Kindly do me a few favors and make the following list of stuff go away:   1 – This “very personal” purchase suggestion by some California cemetery site somehow stumbled upon: A stunning bouquet featuring lavender roses and a green orchid placed inside the casket is a tender and very personal tribute. • The radiant arrangement includes one… Read more →

looking down the barrel

The Cracker Barrel, that is.  And you won’t like what I found, Blog.  Turns out, those nasty bitches have us over a barrel. For starters, there’s this animal abuse.  Sarah McLachlan-style, full-on sadness.  Those cracka’s are shipping animals to these United States from China for a “better life” – in plastic bags, heaped atop one another, squeezed into buckets. So you say,… Read more →


Sure, Husband and I hit the clubs.  Four p.m. and we are so, you know, out there and clubbing and things.  Was pining for some steak, a martini, good bread and a salad today, hoping it all might just arrive in a sweet 40s setting of dark and cozy.  I mean I wasn’t really seeking it, but I found it.… Read more →

a heavy heart

Someone is losing weight, Blog.  Not I, Blog, but I mean someone.   I’m not losing weight because I am sad that I am not losing weight – causing, of course, a heavy heart.   It must weigh at least 5 pounds. Read more →

happy birthday, blog

Happy Birthday, Blog.  Yes, I mean, it’s been a year, and you were born and we are together so it’s a happy, happy day.  A day for you, your 820 followers and 100,631 visitors.  A happy birthday. I looked far and I looked wide, Blog, for a card – anything, Blog, that could say for me what I couldn’t say… Read more →

the certificate

I forgot it, Blog – the gift certificate.  So I got the bill for the expensive dinner and had to pay for it.  I won’t be doing that again soon, Blog – not going out for a pricey dinner.  Nope.  Not soon.  Or I mean I will, I just won’t do so within my means.  I don’t much care about means.… Read more →


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