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off the toys

I may be watching children. And I may have been telling them all day that they need to share. And I may have ordered and just received some miniature people for art projects. And I may be hiding my toys from the children.   Read more →

van gogh

He’s always been a hero to me, Blog – my Van Gogh finger puppet – but when I innocently questioned his choice of jacket for this beautiful warm day, well, he confronted me, all in his coat and everything, PISSED. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?  he asked.  “Well, sure.  Everyone knows you,” I said.  DAS RIGHT, he quipped.  DAS RIGHT. Read more →

send for us

Blog, I know it may seem late for this, but I knew that it – the prize, Blog – it must be meaningful.  Came to this: What are my favorite things?  Our favorite things?  These are those things.  Those are these: Got here one drawing of each favorite Blog-related thing.  Charcoal and paint on 4×4-inch wooden panels, suitable for hanging, standing,… Read more →

bout done

Think the prize for your 50,000th visitor is about ready, Blog.  Will be pictured tomorrow, so I hope readers took advantage of that sale at Lady Foot Locker.  For the race.  For the prize.  (Boys go there, too.  Not so much for the fit, but for the look.) PRIZE CONTAINS 90 PERCENT of DAILY RECOMMENDED VALUE of FOLLOWING: Disappointment Stuff you… Read more →

on the phone

Went to an antique mall with Jane to give her a hand. What I knew when she picked me up:  We were going to buy some stuff for her. What I didn’t know when she picked me up:  I was going to score a MINIATURE PRINCESS PHONE ON A KEYCHAIN.  It’s about 3/4″, mint green and, well, may just be… Read more →

on turning 50

 THOUSAND, that is… Heads up, bitches: Almost time for the 50,000th visitor prize.  Looking more 3-D than a flat painting at this point.  Small in stature only.  And yes, you can hang it on your wall.  It may or may not be finished, but just be thankful for folks like Blog and me – folks who give and give, folks… Read more →

my chair

This is where I spend most of my time.  I sit, I wait, I think.  I sing.  In my woolen chair.

In the summer it gets a little warm, but the seat is tufted and the wool efficiently wicks away the moisture.  Does it offer bacterial resistance?  Um, would I buy it if it didn’t?


chair, woolen, small, miniature




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