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have a heart

Instead of telling you how much I’ve missed you and apologizing for my absence, lemme just say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And what about Valentine’s Day?  You like that, right?  Well this year you don’t even need to bother with another elaborate gift, because I’ve already made some.  Check em out at Sara’s House gifts in our own… Read more →


the new deal

Blog, I have an idea.  I don’t have many, so listen up: This is how things work in the gallery world, so I’m making the leap to the whole world.  The blogosphere, anyway.  The DearestBlogosphere, anyway. Anyway, I’m working on new things and the galleries can be slow in selling.  I know better of your readers, Blog.  ANYONE who sells a… Read more →

to do

TO DO 1.  Look on the bright side when people look at my paintings and say, That’s big, or, It’s nice you have so much wall space, or, I like the frame.  I know that there IS no bright side, Blog, but let’s pretend. 2.  Be glad I know how to weed, talk on the telephone, read, turn a doorknob, sit, watch television,… Read more →

that’s a what’s-her-name

Found this pretty painting by Anne something on Saatchi, a site packed with great artwork.  Thought I copied the link to give the artist credit, but apparently copied a riveting piece of a text message instead.  Well, it’ll do: On my way to Kenwood, then I’ll be over.  You need anything? You’re welcome, artist-who-could-have-scored-a-sale-but-was-flattered-by-the-wrong-person.   Read more →


Blog and I are in love with David Hockney.  Cmon and do this: 1 – Check out a guy who understands visual stuff and has the smarts to discuss it.  A documentary I purchased and watch over and over: 2 – Read this book.  Hockney took much time from his studio to uncover some tricks used by our belived masters of… Read more →


Time again for Cincinnati’s Secret Artworks party.  Check it: Secret ArtWorks 2014 Presented by PNC Bank Friday, November 21, 2014, 5-9pm The Center in the Mercantile Building 115 East Fifth Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 5-6pm: Cocktails & VIP Art Sneak Peek 6pm: Doors Open to Secret Works of Art Valet parking available on Walnut Street between 4th & 5th Streets.… Read more →

an all-american blowout: nancy makes it happen

Thank you, Nancy, for auctioning off your family’s kick-ass collection of stuff!  Blog, I’ll give you a few hours to sort through all this before announcing the auction to others.  (I’m not really giving Blog a few extra hours to sort through all this before announcing the auction to others, because you, readers, are said others.  You’re welcome.) BUY SOMETHING… Read more →

happy birthday, blog

Happy Birthday, Blog.  Yes, I mean, it’s been a year, and you were born and we are together so it’s a happy, happy day.  A day for you, your 820 followers and 100,631 visitors.  A happy birthday. I looked far and I looked wide, Blog, for a card – anything, Blog, that could say for me what I couldn’t say… Read more →


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