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looking down the barrel

The Cracker Barrel, that is.  And you won’t like what I found, Blog.  Turns out, those nasty bitches have us over a barrel. For starters, there’s this animal abuse.  Sarah McLachlan-style, full-on sadness.  Those cracka’s are shipping animals to these United States from China for a “better life” – in plastic bags, heaped atop one another, squeezed into buckets. So you say,… Read more →

empty nest

You ever seen a Red-shouldered Hawk, Blog?  Neither have I.  But a relative of Husband’s saved one who had fallen 60 feet from its nest and directly into said relative’s yard.  That sweet bird is alive and well, now tagged for research by a local biologist. Read more →

those frogs

Blog, we have frogs.  We hear them nightly from the direction of our water feature, as they call it.  (“They” being, you know, they.) When we find those frogs we will play with those frogs, talk to those frogs and sing with those frogs. Read more →


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