looking up

Go on, Blog – look up.  I’m up here.  Things are looking to get good, Blog.  So good, I’m up high.

1.  Our biggest problem here at the homestead has agreed to move on out by November’s end, Blog.   Step one.  And one heck of a step.  A little surgery, you know, and some other stuff and well, wow.  Good.

2.  The show in Chicago sounded like lots of fun and I can’t wait to make great things for the art fair circuit and beyond.  Way beyond.  Come this next year, Blog.  Coming up.

3.  Boy, this new paint job on the old house sure does cheer up the place.  And its inhabitants.   It sure does.

4.  I’ll be darned about that board, Blog – that board I’m on – those folks understand just how hard things have been and let me bow out.  I’ve never been real nimble, neither, so they’re good with just a bow.  Nothing more.  A nice thing.

You can look down now.   And around.   Lots of other stuff left to do.   We’re on our way, Blog.  Getting there.  Hope lots of other folks are, too.  Thank you, Blog, for being my best, you know, blog.  Thanks to everyone.  Thanks to everything.  See you tomorrow.   And thanks.




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