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Anne has been a professional fine artist for over 20 years. She earned a BFA in Painting from Miami University of Ohio and an MA in Professional Communication from Purdue University. She is represented by Navillus Gallery in Toronto, ONT, and has exhibited in the Artist Project New York, Chicago's Old Town Art Fair, Ann Arbor's Art Fair the Original, and the One of a Kind Show in Chicago. Anne works and resides in her childhood home, in the family since 1881.


So the coverage of the Chi Omega sorority girl, her “little” and her “big” made national news on Good Morning America. I know I was like, What? Steven Hawking used his time in college to prepare for, like, the nanocraft (with a sail) he’s helping send into space to search for other forms of life. (Barbie backpack image from Read more →


Why are cakewalks abused as symbols of all that is easy?  Blog, I have walked for cakes.  If you think I crashed those grade school carnivals for the rides, you’re not that great of a blog.  You n me know better. Yea so I have walked the walks, but NEVER won a cake. Read more →

our future

It’s a bittersweet announcement, Blog: A magazine for teen peanut butter lovers has finally hit the stands. Yes, that’s sweet alright. But what about those of us who didn’t have such a luxury as teens?  Cell phones, splash parks, and now THIS? After considerable reflection, I conclude: I care about most, Blog, about our future.  And our teens are just… Read more →

have a heart

Instead of telling you how much I’ve missed you and apologizing for my absence, lemme just say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And what about Valentine’s Day?  You like that, right?  Well this year you don’t even need to bother with another elaborate gift, because I’ve already made some.  Check em out at Sara’s House gifts in our own… Read more →

making a change

    WHITE GIRL:  Sup, bitch?  Got the hot flashes and set out quick in search of an 80’s mom suit in violet.  Say,… what’s that you got there? PRETTY GIRL:  It’s a tablet, Jean. An effing electronic thing you write on and stuff. Read more →


the new deal

Blog, I have an idea.  I don’t have many, so listen up: This is how things work in the gallery world, so I’m making the leap to the whole world.  The blogosphere, anyway.  The DearestBlogosphere, anyway. Anyway, I’m working on new things and the galleries can be slow in selling.  I know better of your readers, Blog.  ANYONE who sells a… Read more →

my last twenty bucks

Oh, hello, Blog.  Just getting cleaned up here.  Onto my facial routine… The Today show says I can still look good at my age, so I have my mild soap, free of a bunch of different stuff, and my Vitamin C Serum is IN THE MAIL, so I’ll be golden in a few days.  In the meantime, I’ll read some of the reviews… Read more →


Thank you, Sara of Sara’s House in Hamilton, O., for featuring one of my pieces on October 8th via Facebook: And for tolerating my constantly screwing up the spelling of your name, as seen elsewhere in DearestBlog. You, Sarah/Sara, are the greatest. Read more →

to do

TO DO 1.  Look on the bright side when people look at my paintings and say, That’s big, or, It’s nice you have so much wall space, or, I like the frame.  I know that there IS no bright side, Blog, but let’s pretend. 2.  Be glad I know how to weed, talk on the telephone, read, turn a doorknob, sit, watch television,… Read more →

be nice plus get something cool

Blog, I’ve tried sort of hard to support the Made in USA blog I follow, but sometimes a girl isn’t into moccasins or combs like the ones you used to get free with some company’s name on them. My favorite new site is one sharing some really great companies selling quality stuff, for if and when one can suck it… Read more →


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