I gots an old home and I'm an artist.


2 things

1.  Thinking hard about creating the perfect pet.  In my mind, I mean.   Just thinking about it should be enough.  Going for a bunny but it would be able to jump onto my lap and could play and laugh and would be nearly perfectly round.  Still working on him. 2.  How long can you keep your eyes closed, Blog… Read more →


As you know, Blog, I am very, very white.  Skin, hair, te-  oh, wait.  Maybe not the teeth but I mean I am having them whitened so they look less the way they look now.  You also know that I am not a fan of the elective surgery or fake stuff but so I want to look my best for… Read more →


Sending best of all thoughts to Carol during this toughest of times. Read more →

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