I gots an old home and I'm an artist.



Rick Springfield is 64 today.  I wish I had been that girl of Jesse’s he wanted.  I’d-a called him all the time and he’d be like, Hey, you don’t have to call me, and I’d say, Well I want to, cause you wrote that song about me. Read more →

the glow

So he had that look on his face, Blog.  Husband had that look.  Was in bed, lights out, phone glowing as he glanced one last time at his favorite images of like these…   tractors.  People driving tractors, people looking at people looking at tractors.  People starting tractors.  People showing their tractors that don’t start.  Kids riding on tractors.  Farmall,… Read more →

dive in

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU, whoever stole my credit card number! If anything tears me up, right up inside there, it’s when folks have swimming pools but can’t afford the filters or accessories.  Your pool, Person Who Stole My Credit Card – your pool was probably real funky-smelling and stuff.  Six hundred bucks is a whole lotta nothin if I’m helping… Read more →

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