I gots an old home and I'm an artist.


tiny unattractive dog lands in unsuspecting girl’s kitchen

Yea, so if I get a dog, I’d like a big dog, like my old German Shepherd.  Of course, there’s always the Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix… I’m just trying her for the night, Blog.  And only because she’s been locked in an abandoned house for a month or more.  I’m not stupid, Blog; I can’t be taken by a tiny dog.  I’ll… Read more →


A big thank you to Geraldo Rivera for the gift of the following statement on The Apprentice: It’s like sausage; who knows how it’s made, but in the end you come out with a great sausage. Read more →

it’s matic

So I went into the bathroom at our local LaRosa’s in big need of a hand washing, and all I wanted to know was, Is this paper towel dispenser automatic?  And if so, what if I don’t have time to read the front of the dispenser to find out? Rest assured, Blog; La Rosa’s has this handled.  Yes, their towel… Read more →

it ain’t right

I forgot the rest of the resolutions.  I may not have any more.  Guess I’m satisfied.  And that ain’t right.  I ain’t right. Read more →

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