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Sure, Husband and I hit the clubs.  Four p.m. and we are so, you know, out there and clubbing and things.  Was pining for some steak, a martini, good bread and a salad today, hoping it all might just arrive in a sweet 40s setting of dark and cozy.  I mean I wasn’t really seeking it, but I found it.… Read more →

summer tote

Blog, after eight months of searching, I finally found my Fashion Soft Lightweight Nylon 15.6″ Inch Padded Compartment Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Cover Handbag Crossbody Hybrid Bag Hobo Bag Traveling Bag for 12″ 13″ 14″ 15″ Laptop Notebook Tablet Ultrabook Chromebook PC!  Thank you, Amazon. MY BAG Read more →

naked people

Back to the basics at MANIFEST Drawing Center, Cincinnati.  Thought a 25-year break was sufficient, Read more →

understood, spock

As I look back at my autobiography I Am Not A Dork, I understand, Mr. Nimoy: Los Angeles – In 1975, Leonard Nimoy published an autobiography with the degiant title, “I Am Not Spock.” Two decades later, he bowed to fate with “I Am Spock,” a revisionist sequel. – The Journal News Read more →

faces, everyone

On Botox: Go your own way, girl.  But consider taking it easy on the fillers, or whatever.  It’s just your face –  I mean, it looks big.  It looks great and everything, it’s just that, like, it’s large.  You know like it’s you, but a bowling ball version.  I like bowling balls, but I mean Read more →

dog gone

Dog leaves southern Ohio home for what she calls a “much better” one in Columbus.  Bitch. Read more →

tiny unattractive dog lands in unsuspecting girl’s kitchen

Yea, so if I get a dog, I’d like a big dog, like my old German Shepherd.  Of course, there’s always the Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix… I’m just trying her for the night, Blog.  And only because she’s been locked in an abandoned house for a month or more.  I’m not stupid, Blog; I can’t be taken by a tiny dog.  I’ll… Read more →


A big thank you to Geraldo Rivera for the gift of the following statement on The Apprentice: It’s like sausage; who knows how it’s made, but in the end you come out with a great sausage. Read more →

it’s matic

So I went into the bathroom at our local LaRosa’s in big need of a hand washing, and all I wanted to know was, Is this paper towel dispenser automatic?  And if so, what if I don’t have time to read the front of the dispenser to find out? Rest assured, Blog; La Rosa’s has this handled.  Yes, their towel… Read more →

it ain’t right

I forgot the rest of the resolutions.  I may not have any more.  Guess I’m satisfied.  And that ain’t right.  I ain’t right. Read more →

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