I gots an old home and I'm an artist.


marshmallows undercover

I dreamed that I wasn’t supposed to eat some treats from my kitchen because the items were to serve a special occasion, so I stuffed marshmallows into my pockets and disguised them as tissues. Read more →

pile of trouble

My laundry is in trouble.  Its mom told it never to go into the washer unless escorted by someone it knows.  The laundry doesn’t recognize me, Blog.  If only you would give me its password, Blog, I would handle this. Please leave the password somewhere in one of the piles of laundry.  Try the one upstairs.  No, not that one,… Read more →

disappoint and forget it

Only I, Blog.  Only I can forget that I have to do something, remember it and notify five people that I remembered it and will show up someplace at some certain time, then forget it again one day later when I said I would be somewhere.  I disappoint, Blog.  It’s what I do.  I say it, I mean it, I… Read more →

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