I gots an old home and I'm an artist.



look up

Go on, Blog – look up.  I’m up here.  Things are looking to get good, Blog.  So good, I’m up high. 1.  Our biggest problem here at the homestead has agreed to move on out by November’s end, Blog.   Step one.  And one heck of a step.  A little surgery, you know, and some other stuff and well, wow.… Read more →


weekend joy

Not it so fast, Blog.  I will not be missing the Chicago “Multiples” show after all.   They are going to showcase Dearest Stuff in a little shop section of the show, despite the fact that I am not able to be attend.   Check it out.   Saturday and Sunday at the Pulaski Fieldhouse.  Some new 4×4-inch pieces I’m… Read more →


a heavy heart

Someone is losing weight, Blog.  Not I, Blog, but I mean someone.   I’m not losing weight because I am sad that I am not losing weight – causing, of course, a heavy heart.   It must weigh at least 5 pounds. Read more →


the deal

Blog, just about anyone can buy a bundle of miniature people.  Who do you know, however, who has ordered 6 miniature people but received SEVEN?  It’s I, Blog.  I received seven.   I’ll let the others order the six.  Me, I’ll be over here.  With my seven. Read more →

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