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the deal

Blog, just about anyone can buy a bundle of miniature people.  Who do you know, however, who has ordered 6 miniature people but received SEVEN?  It’s I, Blog.  I received seven.   I’ll let the others order the six.  Me, I’ll be over here.  With my seven. Read more →


Dropped my mac n cheese onto the carpet.  Even my cats wouldn’t touch it. So I may have. Read more →



Gosh darnit if I can’t seem to upload a video of my new pony.  A still shot will have to do. Even still, this rascal can charm the pants off just about anyone.  But is careful not to charm the wrong person, as seeing one without undergarments can be awkward.   Read more →


Boy, Blog – Tom Petty sure did have it right when he said “the wa-a-ting is the hardest parrt.” I bought my toy pony about a week ago, and couldn’t wait to deliver a film to you, demonstrating his dancing and singing abilities.  Much to my dismay, after over an hour of trying to post the video, I was forced… Read more →

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