I gots an old home and I'm an artist.


it’s happening

It’s happening, Blog, as I indicated in post title.  I’m heading back to my roots.  Back to the good stuff, Blog.  Painting, cutting, drawing, glueing.  Painting.  It’s all flooding back to my heart, Blog, where it counts.  Quite a feeling when ideas have been running a bit dry for a few years.  Yes, years.  But it’s back.  The fun, the… Read more →


Got new wipers for the family car, Blog.  They were the wrong kind of wipers.  I tossed the old wipers, removed the new wipers to exchange them and then turned on the wipers.  There were no wipers available, Blog, as the old ones and new ones were removed.  The problem, in other words, were the wipers.  There were no wipers. Read more →

it never happened

Blog and I thank you, Person Who Kept Webwide Social Media From Developing Until We Left Teendom. We were fortunate enough, Blog and I, to have made our jackass mistakes at such a time when a girl and a blog could deny ever having committed them. What the hell are you talking about?  we say.  That is total lie.  And… Read more →


Rick Springfield is 64 today.  I wish I had been that girl of Jesse’s he wanted.  I’d-a called him all the time and he’d be like, Hey, you don’t have to call me, and I’d say, Well I want to, cause you wrote that song about me. Read more →

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