I gots an old home and I'm an artist.


wind chill

What’s that about a natural disaster, Blog?  Don’t know, but according to Phone, the current temp is 55 degrees, and “feels like” 55 degrees.  Night.     Read more →

woulda, shoulda

Back into painting.  Yep, up on that horse.  Ridin that train.  LET ME OFF.  Or at least pay for my ticket.     Read more →

lowering the bar

The bar for my acting appropriately has lowered, Blog.  I asked an adorable, fit, kind friend if she is pregnant.  She isn’t.  It was a big sweatshirt situation. I’m a fat girl who grew up with some people who knew stuff.  Like how not to make asses of themselves. If you need me, I’ll be on the floor.  With the… Read more →

the man

Oh yes, he is.  Neil Young is coming to town.  Be there.  Blog and I will be signing autographs. Read more →

curtis leaves us wondering

Tell me how in the hell I can listen to my Loretta Lynn, Bee Gees, Lynard Synard, Eminem, Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, Earth Wind and Fire and Moody Blues CDs.     Read more →


buy this for me

Alex Prager Alexandra, 2007 Chromogenic print Edition of 5 plus 2 APs 48 x 62.5 in. Est. 22,000–26,000 USD Source:  artnet https://www.artnet.com/auctions/artists/alex-prager/alexandra?utm_campaign=weeklynewsletter&utm_source=042115weeknews&utm_medium=email Read more →

see this

I know, I know – Blog and I can’t believe it, either.  Those As Seen on TV magnifying glasses.  “Finally!” we cried.  “A great look for summer that makes everything look huge!” HUGE UGLY GLASSES We saw our bowl of yogurt go from this  to THIS  Read more →


Husband and I may or may not own a monster truck carrying a stove (frayed wires courtesy of local mice), an old bathtub, plumbing parts and scraps of fallen window screens in it.  It’s not that we own property with this type of rubbish, it’s just that, I mean – Read more →



Blog and I are in love with David Hockney.  Cmon and do this: 1 – Check out a guy who understands visual stuff and has the smarts to discuss it.  A documentary I purchased and watch over and over: 2 – Read this book.  Hockney took much time from his studio to uncover some tricks used by our belived masters of… Read more →



My kind of guy –  a self-taught artist/”scientist”.  Watch the documentary if you love what I call the real thing.   Emery Blagdon Read more →


making it worse

Blog and I, we’re experts in making things – any things – worse.   What did we do to a perfectly good, properly-painted-but-a-little-too-eighties dark green table?  We created a distressed version in pale green with a dark stain on top for our favorite Jane and her newest home restoration, a tiny 40s gem. Long-term goal?  To become a psychiatrist team… Read more →


If you are considering this look for spring, call Blog and me – we’ll recommend other options. DON’T DO IT Read more →

true story

What’s so great about Fargo?  How about the fact that there is nothing true in the story behind it? Yes, Blog and I may be two of the folks who misunderstood the “This is a true story…” line in the beginning of the thing.  We love this movie even more now; it gives us yet another reason for the Cohen brothers’ prominent spot on… Read more →


bathing suits

Something great about covering up a  carefully crafted human form. Kind of loving this:  Carol A. Fueuerman Read more →

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