those frogs

Blog, we have frogs.  We hear them nightly from the direction of our water feature, as they call it.  (“They” being, you know, they.) When we find those frogs we will play with those frogs, talk to those frogs and sing with those frogs. Read more →


go to italy

Winners in a latest Celeste prize for photography were announced – subject:  family.  Their works hang in Florence.  Our favorites:   SEE MORE Read more →

first family?

After the years and years and years and years of pure love Blog an I have devoted to the Brady family, we are shocked – HEARTBROKEN – by this deflated ball business.  If they love a soft football, why didn’t they use one to prevent an accident like the one that will forever follow Marcia? Thanks for nothing, Brady’s. Read more →


one’s worth

One girl’s junk is another girl’s… well, junk.  If it’s mine. My girl Jane has her version of junk, but it’s shit I’d use to make jewelry. So we were at the scrapyard…  – I mean we all do that with our friends in our monster trucks –  So anyways we got our money for our junk.  I got five… Read more →

miles of romaine

Miles ate most of my favorite plant. I deserved this, as I left him without roughage.  Thank you, Romaine, from the little guy and me. Read more →


Since neither Blog nor I is or has a mother, we have found ourselves in the mother of all conundrums:  whether or not to take advantage of the’s Mothers Day discount. Read more →


that’s a what’s-her-name

Found this pretty painting by Anne something on Saatchi, a site packed with great artwork.  Thought I copied the link to give the artist credit, but apparently copied a riveting piece of a text message instead.  Well, it’ll do: On my way to Kenwood, then I’ll be over.  You need anything? You’re welcome, artist-who-could-have-scored-a-sale-but-was-flattered-by-the-wrong-person.   Read more →

wind chill

What’s that about a natural disaster, Blog?  Don’t know, but according to Phone, the current temp is 55 degrees, and “feels like” 55 degrees.  Night.     Read more →

This, I sorta loved.  To bad I tried make improvements...

the train

Back into painting.  Yep, up on that horse.  Ridin that train.  LET ME OFF.  Or at least pay for my ticket.     Read more →

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